Delivery team

Four of our most experienced team members will be joining you in Girona to lead the programme. This guarantees you plenty of opportunities for 1 to 1 support and means we have 1 leader to every 5 participants. Our team is incredibly diverse, all of us with our own unique experiences and backgrounds, read more about us below!


Gal Stiglitz

Several years into my international tech career I realised that I am passionate about bringing meaning, purpose and fulfilment to modern living and therefore transitioned to become a cultural-educational entrepreneur and modern day independent thinker. I spent years creating and developing the educational model and methodologies that underpin iDiscover 360 and founded the business in 2014.

From a very young age I was very curious and never took anything for granted, I was always fascinated with people, the human condition and the big questions of life. I have always had a deep love for travelling and exploring the unknown, to learn how everything is connected.

My quest led me to travel to more than 70 different countries to meet as many different cultures as possible.

Alongside my travels I have explored human sciences such as psychology, anthropology, history, theology, etymology and philosophy and turned my insights into a coherent universal model for a deep understanding of human nature and the human condition.

With this unique and powerful universal model, I have helped hundreds of professionals from around the world and across all industries to pave their path into more personal and professional fulfilment and inspire them to design a life where they are making a living doing what they love. I look forward to see you and having you with us soon.


Ilona Depraz-Brenninkmeijer

After a degree in Human Science at UCL and PGCE from Southampton University I started my career in education; working with private clients, in the classroom and with youth programmes. In 2014 I started a mental health organisation, Baretalks, sharing personal experiences to educate and support others. I met Gal and began training with iDiscover 360 in 2015. I love exploring the outdoors, be it trekking in the Himalayas, scuba diving in Honduras or horse riding in Kenya. I’m also a massive foodie and love experimental cooking!


Ben Depraz-Brenninkmeijer

I graduated with a joint degree from HEC School of Management and Sciences Po Paris in 2013 and started a career in investment banking. After realising I aspired to work with people on helping them create a life of meaning, I retrained and created my own life and leadership coaching practice in 2015. At the same time, I started training in iDiscover 360 methodologies and in May 2018 I joined the company as Director of Business Development and Head of Coaching Division. I love snowboarding, free running, card games as well as everything related to physical and mental performance. I was born in Paris but have spent most of my life living abroad, including Abu Dhabi, Thailand and the UK where I currently reside.


Helen Gazzi

I started my career as a corporate property solicitor at an international law firm. After 3 years, I moved to the startup world where I continued to work as a solicitor before going on to found the pro-bono arm of a legal tech startup. Whilst working in the startup world, I trained as a life and executive coach and started my own practice in March 2016. I joined iDiscover in June 2016 to train in the methodologies and have assisted with delivery since then.

Support team

Our incredible support team will ensure the smooth running of the programme from behind the scenes.


Thomais (Thomi) Sakali

I have an MSc in Translation and Interpreting, which I use to teach Spanish and other languages to teens and adults, I also have experience as an Educational Tour Logistics Manager, for Education First. I highly value personal development and its ability to propel us to achievement and create fulfillment in life which is why I joined iDiscover360 as a General Manager bringing a set of business administration/development skills from my previous career. I am really excited to be part of the iDiscover Impact team to ensure the logistics of this unique experience will run smoothly.